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Stair Contractor in Trabuco Canyon

Looking for a contractor that specializes in Stairs? Inner City Skyline offers one of the best options for stair remodeling and repairs in Trabuco Canyon. As a licensed and insured general contractor there are key points to be aware of when it comes to remodeling or repairing stairs. As one of the most trusted staircase builders, inner city skyline focuses on safety and functional design. We build stairs out of sturdy materials like strong wood, metal or concrete. Our stair additions are easily approved in Trabuco canyon and our services are well respected in our community.

Why hire a licensed Stair contractor?

Stair contractors are one of the hardest trades in the business. As a licensed and insured contractor, inner city skyline builds stairs right the first time around, saving you thousands of dollars in the process. Building new stairs is important part of adding any second story to a house. It all requires blueprints, engineering plans and approval by city inspectors. Hiring licensed stair contractors avoids the headache of inspector problems and un permitted work. Huge penalties for un permitted staircase installation can cause major problems when the city finds out. Avoid the headaches and hire Inner City Skyline in Trabuco Canyon.

Stair Repairs in Trabuco Canyon

When there are stair repairs for your staircase, consider us for the project. We are licensed stair contractors with experience in repairing and replacing sections of your stairs. Interested in repairing wood stairs? Wood stairs happen to be the easiest to repair. Simple replacements of each individual wood can be repaired by replacing it completely. Concrete repairs are by far the worst. It’s possible to do concrete repairs but the costs are far higher than wood. The last type of stairs that are common are metal stairs. These are usually in industrial areas around the city and are built sturdy. When they do break or rust, costs can vary depending on the damages. Safety is a concern and immediate response is needed for metal stair repairs.

Types of Stair construction

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